Our work is a representation of talent, collaboration and culture


We believe that our innovative approach to transforming organizations, combined with our commitment to sustainability, our diverse and global talent, and our unique culture, are the pillars which allow us to dream big and create a better world step by step.

#TEAM player

To continually acompaing our partner needs , DANKA engages its employees and all stakeholders in implementing mission-critical processes.

#RESPECT and kind

We are commited to multiply the positive impact of all our initiatives promoting the social, environmental, economic and cultural good for humanity.


We continually work to meet deadlines, budgets, and the highest estimated quality expectations.

#INCLUSIVE and open

DANKA is building a culture and environment that is safe, fair, and inclusive, where everyone is welcome regardless of gender, race, religion, or age.

#BIG thinkers

We discover solutions that encompass companies, organizations, the market where they participate and their technological update.

#FAST-PEACED and innovators

Speed enhances our competitive advantage, and Innovation is ingrained in DANKA’s DNA.

Passion: our most valuable asset.

If you stand out.