The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. (Alan Watts. Philosopher, 1959)


We blend business acumen with pioneering creativity to drive growth


Companies that are master in competitive agility meet their growth, profitability, sustainability, and confidence goals with vigor.



Competitive agility is a competition demanded from the outside and driven from the inside. Leaders who act quickly and confidently turn disruption into an opportunity.

Creative Services

We see creativity as a vehicle for transformation. With a team of visual and verbal designers, we push the boundaries of design to shape brands that emotionally connect people in today's world.

  • - Creation of commercial concepts
  • - Repositioning of the product concept
  • - Productive developments and packaging design

Branding and Storytelling

Our work is a representation of talent, collaboration and culture. This helps us to define plans for branding and to manage them into corporate objetives.

  • - Creation of visual identity.
  • - Creation of Brand Manuals
  • - Standardization of brand use.
  • - Brand Governance Systems.
  • - Brand Custody
  • - Brand Update

Product, Service and Portfolio Design

We identify strategic initiatives that respond to customer needs. The result: companies that increase their relevance, continue to loyalty to their clients in the longer term and generate sustainable growth.

  • - Innovation and Development
  • - Product Design
  • - Product Portfolio Strategy
  • - Redefinition of your Category relevance
  • - Digital storytelling

Brand, tech and design.
You talk. We listen.


We combine vision, creativity, and digital knowledge to boost your business today.

Layer Multiplicity

Businesses today operate in multiple layers: real layers, layers where reality is augmented or digitized, and mixed layers where both realities coexist.


Companies must manage their "brand promise" with standards: Constant, Cohesive, and Precise. This is important because the strength of the brand is the Whole of its Parts, crossing all the layers of realities mentioned.


This idea of a "Whole of its Parts" makes the products or services relevant. Customers and interested in their creation are vital in these process.


UX / UI development is a fundamental skill to generate user-oriented solutions and an increasingly important work methodology for businesses in the digital age.

  • - User Research
  • - Visual Design
  • - Rapid Prototype
  • - Case Study
  • - Interaction Design

Web development & eCommerce

We have developed a compendium of omnichannel eCommerce solutions. We program actions to facilitate the sales of our online clients with ad hoc developments that improve conversion and performance metrics.

  • - eCommerce ERP Integrations
  • - WordPress development
  • - Python development
  • - Angular development
  • - React Native development

Market Positioning

How to prosper in an unknown scenario of extreme competitiveness like the current one?

  • - SEO/ SEM
  • - Customer Experience
  • - Customer Engagement
  • - Customer Lifecycle

Get your next big story


In today's business world, tools get updated and out of date. Knowledge transcends time. When technologies and processes are implemented in a comprehensive way, they help improve productivity and reduce costs, driving those more creative businesses and generating new opportunities for future-proof growth. This is what we call: Applied Digital Intelligence.
The future of Digital Intelligence promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is bolstered by speed and precision.

Marketing & Business Strategy

We help our clients design clear and feasible competitive agility projects, providing them with new perspectives on business and technology.

  • - Customer Research
  • - Digital Strategy
  • - Innovation & Insights
  • - Data Analytics
  • - Digital Roadmap
  • - Research, Analytics & Insight

Data Marketing Analysis

We research, collect, and translate data into actions that make business or strategic sense. From the simplest click to highly complex electronic business transactions.

  • - Analysis of data.
  • - Virtual shops and ecommerce
  • - heat maps
  • - A / B test
  • - Conversions
  • - Analytics

Innovation, Transformation and Applied Digital Intelligence (ITADI)

ITADI is the way in which DANKA uses MKT digital strategies to innovate and transform scenarios in its clients' businesses. With the power of e-commerce web platform, data analysis, and design, we improve performance and we make operations more efficient and optimized.

  • - web development
  • - e-commerce development
  • - Process automation
  • - Web integrations
  • - Intelligent identification of improvements

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